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Electric Heat Pumps:

Aqua Comfort Heat Pump

Aqua Comfort Heat Pump

Aqua Comfort heat pumps offer the most economical and efficient way to heat your swimming pool!


  • Spend up to 80% less in operating costs in a season compared to conventional gas heaters.
  • Extend your swimming season
  • Operates at lower temperatures when other heat pumps don't
  • Swim in comfortably warm water all season long
  • Starts producing heat at 40 degrees compared to 55 for most competitors

Pool Heat Pump Diagram

Iwater management system that maximizes surface contact of pool water with the Titanium heat exchanger. This is the most important factor in determining the efficiency of your heat pump. The greater the heat transfer, the greater the efficiency of your heat pump. And, the reason most people buy a heat pump is because they want to get the absolute most for their heating dollar.



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