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Vinyl Liner Pool Renovation Services:

Is your vinyl liner pool outdated and in need of a face lift? Are you tired of aluminum coping that is bent and faded? Do you need to correct the walls in your pool that are bowed? Did you know that Instead of using your ladder to climb in and out of your pool every time you can possibly add a set of set steps to your pool for easy in and out access? Are you becoming tired of adding water every week to your pool because you don't know whether the leak is coming from the liner or the plumbing? We offer multiple styles of decking, coping, liner patterns and filter system components to add style, efficiency and offer the  latest technology that makes pool maintenance much easier than years past.

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Our Services:

  • Convert sand bottom to vermiculite (depending on pool bottom)
    • Benefits and qualities of vermiculite vs. sand/stonedust
      1. No footprints
      2. Helps prevent washouts
      3. Keeps shape of the pool bottom
  • Completely replace sections of pool panels to correct corroded and bowed walls..
  • Addition of new wall fittings for returns and skimmers
  • Complete main drain repair and installation
  • Rigid PVC underground and aboveground plumbing
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Addition of lighting or replacement of existing lighting
  • Addition or replacement of heating system
  • Completely replace existing pool steps or the addition of new offset steps
  • Add wedding cake style steps where the liner is made to go over the steps
  • Installation of electrical lines for filtration equipment and gas lines for addition or replacement of existing heater
  • Upgrade or change filtration system and hardware
  • Relocation of filter system equipment
  • Slabs constructed and poured for the accommodation of new filter system

Vinyl Renovation Process:


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