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Waterblasting / Sandblasting - Pool Plaster & Paint Removal

The Quickest, Cleanest & Enviormentally Safe Method to Remove Paint & Pool Plaster

Pool Interior Preparation - Water Blasting Method:

Puraqua Pools offers Water Blasting Service for interior swimming pool surface preperation. Puraqua's water blasting division services the greater Boston, Massachusetts area as well as most of east coast. The conventional method of sandblasting to remove paint or flaking plastering from a pools surface is an application of the past. Sandblasting converts the existing surface into fine dust particles that travel throughout the air that we breathe and eventually covers your backyard creating a major cleanup. Our unsurpassed, state-of-the-art Ultra High Pressure WATER BLASTING for interior surface preparation is the most thorough method to ensure a good bondable surface . Using water up to 35,000 psi, the jets shoot a constant flow that removes any inferior marcite, paint or flaking concrete.

Water Blasting

Benefits of Water Blasting:
  • (35,000 psi of hydraulic water pressure vs. 150 psi  sand air pressure.
  • Water blasting expels water at speeds up to 1500 mph to remove any unsuitable material
  • No added abrasive waste to be cleaned up and disposed of
  • No harmful airborne particles or dust
  • Removed surface is turned into particles that become saturated with water and remain in a slurry for easy cleanup


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