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Decking, Coping, Plaster, Pebble Finishes and Tile:

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Pool Interior Options - Plaster and Pebble Finishes
Pool Tile Options

Pool Decking Options:>> back to top
  • Broom Finish Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate - Decorative Concrete
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Bluestone
Exposed Aggregate
*Due to differences in monitors, colors may vary. Puraqua recommends viewing actual product samples when making your final product selection.


Rainbow with Sea Glass


Exposed Aggregate - Prairie Sand
Prairie Sand

Exposed Aggregate - Washington Natural
Washington Natural

Exposed Aggregate - Roan River
Roan River

Exposed Aggregate - Oklahoma Rainbow
Oklahoma Rainbow
Exposed Aggregate - Pearl

Techo-Bloc Pavers

Athena - Sandlewood

Trias - Champlain Grey
Trias - Champlain Grey

Mista - Chestnut Brown
Mista - Chestnut Brown

Blu - Mojave Beige
Blu - Mojave Beige

Parisien - Shale Grey

Inca - Riviera
Elena - Champlain Grey
Elena - Champlain Grey
Hera - Sandlewood
Hera - Sandlewood
Athena - Oceana
Athena - Oceana

Techo-Bloc Paver Samples:

Pavers - Cantilever Coping
Elena Pavers with Exposed Aggregate Cantilever Coping

Pavers - Blu (Oceana)
Pavers - Bullnose Brick Coping
Blu Pavers with Bullnose Brick Coping
Pavers - Cantilever Coping
Athena Pavers with Exposed Aggregate Cantilever Coping

Pool Coping Options: >> back to top

  • Cantilever
  • Bullnose Brick
  • Neptune
  • Receptor
  • Bluestone
  • Natural Stone
capstone pool coping
Cantilever Coping

cantilever pool coping
Cantilever Coping

cantilever band coping
Cantilever Band Coping

bullnose coping
Bullnose Brick Coping

neptune coping
Neptune Coping

receptor coping
Receptor Coping

Coping - Cantilever with Pavers
Cantilever Band Coping with Pavers

Coping - Bluestone
Blue Stone Coping

Coping - Precast Pool Coping
Precast Pool Coping

Coping - Cantilever with Pavers
Cantilever Band Coping with Pavers

Coping - Portofino with Pavers
Portofino Coping with Pavers

Coping - Precast Pool Coping
Poured Coping Cap with Natural Stone

Natural Stone Coping with Waterfall
Natural Stone Coping with Waterfall

Pool Plastering / Pebble Finishes:>> back to top
  • Pool Plaster - White & Grey
  • River Rok Pebble Finish
  • Diamond Brite Pool Interior
  • Pebble Finishes

River Rok Samples:

River Rok - Pebble Pool Finish
River Rok River Rok - Pool Plaster River Rok
Pebble Pool PlasterPebble Pool Plaster

Visit: for more information on River Rok Pool Finishes

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River Rok

Pool Tile Options:>> back to top

Visit: for a complete product list

3"x 3" Blue/Brown - Naturale

3"x 3" Blue Green - Naturale

3"x 3" Deep Blue - Naturale

3" x 3" Sapphire - Illusions

Tile Sample
6"x 6" Blue China - Val

Pool Tile - Coal
6 "x 6" Coal - Tudor

Pool Tile - Bamboo
3 "x 3" Bamboo - Destiny

Pool Tile - Aquamarine
3 "x 3" Aquamarine - New Reflections

Pool Tile - Steel Blue
3 "x 3" Steel Blue- Pompeii

6"x 6" African Blue - Sierra

6"x 6" Gold Stone - Sierra

6"x 6" Sahara Stone - Sierra



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